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Summer School 2016 (EN)


Padua University organizes – under the scientific direction of Prof. Paola Zanovello – the third International Summer School on “Water management in arid and semiarid climates in Roman time”, that will be held in Feltre (BL) from 22nd to 26th of August 2016. The Summer School is projected to be a highly intensive course (nine lesson-hours per day), focused on the hydraulic topics during the Roman time. The hydraulic infrastructures had such a high importance and were such widespread that this course results an unique formative opportunity. The Summer School will deal with the technical-archaeological aspects of the water supply, stocking, distribution and wasting management in the Roman urban settlements. Moreover, you will come into contact with some methodological aspects to approach the hydraulic structures, and technical – juridical aspects to assure a correct and full knowledge and valorization of this kind of relics.Both theoretical and practical activities, as well as some didactic excursions, are scheduled. The course is given a real multi-discipline approach thanks to the international provenance of the lecturers, their diversified formation and the membership to different boards, both of research and Cultural Heritage safeguard. The Summer School is addressed to Bachelor and Master Students, Phd. students or degreed, scholar and to employees in all the fields linked to Cultural Heritage safeguard, conservation and valorization boards. The course will be activated for a minimum of 15 persons and will host a maximum of 25 persons. At the end of the School an attendance certification will be released. This certification gives the chance to claim 4 C.F.U. – E.C.T.S. (European Credit Transfer System).

The Summer School will be held in Feltre (Belluno) from 22nd to 27th of August 2016. The partecipation fee amounts to € 380, and includes: didactic activities, excursions, practical laboratories, didactic materials, meals, accomodation in a double or triple room, attendance certification. The lectures will be given in English and Italian. To submit to the Summer School, please send an email to until Saturday, 30th July 2016. If you are interested in non-residential fees (180€), please contact us using the mail address, the website or you can find us in Facebook (

Confirmed Lectures:

– “Ancient hydraulic systems: status quaestionis and new prospects for the research”, Dr. Italo Riera, Gruppo di Studio Idraulca Antica

– “Water supply in the Roman world”, Dr. Italo Riera, Gruppo di Studio Idraulica Antica

– “Water management in Tyana (Turkey) during Roman times”, Prof. Guido Rosada, Università degli Studi di Padova

– “Water harvesting on Pantelleria Island. Archaeological survey and analysis of the bottle-shaped cisterns”, Dr. Simone Mantellini, Università di Bologna

– “Survey in man-made caves: theoretical accounts”, dott. Fabrizio Frignani

– “Aspects of Roman water provision and related hydraulics”, Dr. Ing. Paul Kessener, Nijmegen University

– “Water management and steep chutes: the example of Baelo Claudia (Spain)”, Dr. Laetitia Borau, Université de Bordeaux Montaigne

– “Water  collection and distribution system in ancient Akragas/Agrigentum“, dott.ssa Maria Concetta Parello, PArco Archeologico e Paesaggistico Valle dei Templi di Agrigento

– “Redrawing Ashby’s maps”, Dott. Donato Cioli, Gruppo di Ricerca Speleo-Archeologica “Sotterranei di Roma”

– “Nymphaea in the Near East: Utility vs Aesthetics?”, Prof. Dr. Julian Richard, Université de Namur

– “Roman urban water distribution systems”, Prof. Paola Zanovello, Università di Padova

– “The aqueducts in Cyrenaica (Lybia) and the water supply of Cyrene in Roman age”, Dr. Lorenzo Cariddi, Università di Roma Tor Vergata

– “Roman intercity water distribution and modern times”, Dr. Ing. Paul Kessener, Nijmegen University

– “The sewers systems of Baelo Claudia and Carteia. Water management in the Strait of Gibraltar”, Dr. Jose-Angel Expòsito-Alvarez, Junta de Andalucìa –Consejerìa de Cultura

– “Water system and food production in ‘Rehovot in the Negev’ in the 4th – 7th c. AD”, Dr. Uzi Dahari, Israel Antiquity Authority.

Excursions are scheduled to the roman archaeological areas of Trento (Tridentum) and Feltre (Feltria). A practical laboratory of topographical survey of undeground galleries will be given.

Summer School ‘Water management in arid and semiarid climates in Roman time’

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